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Unified Ferments - Nilgiri Coonoor

Unified Ferments - Nilgiri Coonoor

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Nilgiri Coonoor is a curiously flinty tea grown in southern India in the vicinity of the Nilgiri mountain region. Owing to the unique soil composition in the area, this mineral cultivar is deeply oxidized and carefully roasted to produce a complex brew teeming with cool plum notes and tropical undertones.

Our ferment yields a cool, robust profile with notes of banana chutney, clove, grilled peach, and plum.

Nilgiri Coonoor pairs nicely with chilled melon, summer figs, mild cheeses, or anything that could be complemented by a chilled red wine on the funkier side.

Serve at chilled red wine temperature and notice the increasingly fruity profile as it breathes/warms

Additional Details
Format: 750 ml bottle
ABV: <0.5%
Basic Serve: Serve at chilled red wine temperature
Recommended Pairings: Chilled melon, summer figs, mild cheeses
Suggested Retail Price: 25.99 USD for 750 ml bottle