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Töst - Rosé Sparkling Tea

Töst - Rosé Sparkling Tea

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Töst Rosé bottles are all-natural, delicious, dry, sparkling non-alcoholic beverages with white tea, ginger and elderberry.

Equally as satisfying as a daily refreshment as it is paired with fine dining, Töst Rosé reaches every occasion when a consumer is looking for a substantive beverage that is non-alcoholic yet all natural, low calorie and meaningful. We hope you enjoy good taste, good health, and good cheer naturally with Töst Rosé, a delightfully fizzy, alcohol-free way to celebrate any occasion. Refreshingly dry and not too sweet, Töst Rosé can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, by anyone.

Additional Details
Format: three 750 ml bottles
Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Cane Sugar, White Tea, White Cranberry Concentrate, Elderberry Concentrate, Natural Ginger Extract, Natural Citrus Extract with other Natural Flavors, Citric Acid.
ABV: <0.5%
Buy from Amazon: https://amzn.to/3Zc0mVG
Suggested Retail Price: 26.99 USD for three 750 ml bottles