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Acala - Magic Symphony

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What comes to your mind when you think of the winter holidays? Memorable moments with family and friends, endless laughter and warm hugs. Quiet dinners and fun-filled conversations. We hope that this year's winter holidays will bring you the most magical music of memories, and now we invite you to taste the magic of ACALA's festive symphony.

Allegro (fast movement) - the running, rushing and never standing still water of the spring sings a fast melody. As it rushes forward with great force, it gives us its best qualities.

Lento (quiet, slow movement) - the quiet part of the symphony continues as the Keemun tea leaves unfold. Slowly, like the first smouldering smoke rising into the sky, delicate floral and woody notes unfold, evolving into soft cocoa and elegant marzipan.

Scherco (characterful, playful part) - the characterful part starts with an unexpected papaya fruit with festive spices, ginger and cloves, which, playing playful notes, adds a southern warmth and a bright temperament that is so lacking in the winter.

Allegro (fast movement) - and a refreshing red berry march at the end, giving a wide variety of flavours.

The winter mood, combined with aromatic spices, brings moments of warmth and cosiness. A rich, full-bodied flavour reminiscent of Mulled Wine.

Format: 750 ml bottle
ABV: <0.5%
Suggested Retail Price: 26.99 EUR for 1500 ml bottle

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