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Acala - Purple Moon

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Purple Moon creates an alternative taste to medium-body elegant red wines, similar to Burgundy’s wines. We based it on the queen of forest berries — the blueberry.

Mixed with blackcurrant, the duo creates an archetype of the perfectly matured black berry type. Ivan Chai brings floral and stone fruit notes, yet Pu-erh balances Purple Moon’s taste with earthiness and wood found in fine red burgundy wines.

Dark, rich blueberry and blackcurrant base builds Purple Moon’s taste. Floral and oak aromas add to its complexity.

Purple Moon’s texture is velvet yet well-defined.

Serve cold in a red wine glass.

Format: 750 ml bottle
Ingredients: Spring water, live culture, blueberry juice, blackcurrant juice, fireweed tea, pu-erh tea, hibiscus tea, sugar.
ABV: <0.5%
Suggested Retail Price: 7.99 EUR for 750 ml bottle

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