Douglas Watters

Rethinking Booze’s Health Halo

We at Dry Atlas enjoy the occasional alcoholic cocktail, but we can’t ignore the mounting evidence that alcohol is harmful to our health. As you

Victoria Watters

Top Six Non-Alc Trends of 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on the top non-alc trends of the year. So, we scoured our own database to identify six

Victoria Watters

Q&A with Andrew Solis, Founder of Cut Above

Andrew Solis, Founder and CEO of Cut Above, shares his personal journey from a Saturday morning hangover to creating a line of non-alcoholic spirits. Reflecting

Victoria Watters

Industry Landscape: Week of Dec 18, 2023

Hop Wtr is… hypnotizing its consumers? Hop Wtr, a brand known for its hop-infused sparkling water, is taking an unconventional approach to support consumers during