Victoria Watters

Six Functional Bevs I Actually Feel

Whether you’re forgoing alcohol for one night, one month, or indefinitely, you still might want your drinks to “do” something. Enter functional beverages. These non-alcoholic

Victoria Watters

Dating Without the Buzz

As people revisit their relationship with alcohol, they’re slowly redefining social norms—including within the dating sphere. Alcohol-free dating is exactly what it sounds like: going

Victoria Watters

Sarah Wood’s Non-Alc Picks

About Sarah Wood Sarah is a writer and event stylist living in Scotland. Coming up on her third soberversary, she’s a proud lover of non-alc

Victoria Watters

Why Non-Drinkers Don’t Drink

It’s because they… don’t want to. When Gallup asked in an open-ended question to cite the main reason American non-drinkers don’t drink alcohol, the top

Victoria Watters

The Quiet Rise of Non-Alcoholic Ciders

In the expanding world of alcohol alternatives, an interesting trend is bubbling up: the rise of non-alcoholic ciders. While non-alc beers have enjoyed a surge