Wirecutter’s 7 Best Non-Alcoholic Wines + 3 Bonus Picks

Reviews by professional critics and reviews from the people can both help you decide what to drink. We’re all about the latter here at Dry Atlas but you better believe we are reading what the critics have to say as well.

Wirecutter’s Best Nonalcoholic Wines guide isn’t nearly as comprehensive as is its guide to nonalcoholic drinks, but at least it’s thorough in covering the 7 they chose.

Read Wirecutter’s take, or cut straight to their 7 best below.

I’ve rounded out Wirecutter’s 7 wine picks by adding 3 of my own recommendations based on bestsellers at Spirited Away.

Sparkling White Wines


Note: surprisingly (as there are over 190 non-alc de-alcoholized wines to say nothing of wine proxies), Wirecutter chose to include fermented teas in its list of wines. The kombuchas they included, while well-loved bestsellers at Spirited Away, resemble wines in neither flavor profile nor ingredients nor marketing/design.

Still White Wines


Sparkling and Still Rosés


Red Wines


Three Additional Suggestions based on Sales at Spirited Away

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