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Zero Lush - Sparkling Rose

Zero Lush - Sparkling Rose

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Zero Lush Rosé, created entirely of Tempranillo grapes, has a lovely pink tint with mild aromas of apricot and strawberry. It's a crisp, refreshing, and robust wine.

Grape: 100% Tempranillo

Ideal Serving temperature: 8º – 10ºC.

Calories per 100 ml: 25 Cal with 6g of sugar

Additional Details
Format: 750 ml bottle
ABV: <0.05%
Sugar Per Serving: 6 g
Serving: 100 ml
Recommended Pairings: Light soups, consommés or cold creams such as vichyssoise. It is also a magnificent companion for salads and all kinds of cheeses, canapés and pasta.
Suggested Retail Price: 19.99 USD for 750 ml bottle