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Wolffer Estate - Petit Verjus

Wolffer Estate - Petit Verjus

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Our summer inspired wines evoke the style, sophistication, and spirit of Summer in the Hamptons. This lighthearted sparkling non-alcoholic Rosé is perfect for any occasion.

This playful drink is a bright salmon rosé color with a shiny new copper hue. The fruit is pure with fresh pear and sweet peach as well as apple and hints of lemon. The mouth-feel is vibrant and light with nice balance between the fruit, natural sugar and bright acidity and a refreshing CO2 mousse. Sugar content is 72 grams per liter or 25.5 grams per 355ml serving.

This is the perfect choice of beverage for anybody who does not want to drink alcohol. Serve chilled casually with any meal, or in a flute for an elegant toast! Also a great cooking companion. Incorporate into elegant and vibrant sauces or salad dressings. The gentleness of this Verjus will not overpower even the finest wine. Wonderful and refreshing to drink as a spritzer or try it as the main ingredient for a Margarita or other cocktail.

Additional Details
Format: twelve 355 ml bottles
ABV: <0.5%
Buy from Amazon: https://amzn.to/40uQqrD
Suggested Retail Price: 41.99 USD for twelve 355 ml bottles