Research: Fewer younger drinkers drink regularly

Younger adults who drink are less likely than they were in the past to say they had an alcoholic drink within the past seven days—an indication of being a regular drinker. The 61% who most recently reported having a drink in the past week is down from 64% in 2011 – 2013 and 67% in 2001 – 2003.

Older Americans’ reports have gone in the other direction, with a six-point increase since 2001 – 2003 in drinkers aged 55 and older saying they consumed alcohol in the past week, while middle-aged adults’ drinking reports have been steady.

The net result is that among all Americans (encompassing drinkers and nondrinkers), fewer than four in 10 young adults (38%) now appear to be regular drinkers, on par with older adults (40%) but trailing middle-aged adults (48%). This pattern is a change from two decades ago when younger adults were the most likely to be regular drinkers and older adults the least.

Source: Gallup


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