Industry Landscape: Week of Nov 27, 2023

The non-alc sector should adopt new positioning

A recent report suggests that the non-alc sector needs to adopt a new lexicon to better position itself in the market. The study, conducted by alcohol-free retailer Club Soda and marketing agency Boldspace, emphasizes the importance of language in marketing these products. It argues that terms like “alternatives,” “mocktails,” or “free from” often used in marketing may not be the most effective approach, especially for standalone brands in the non-alc category.

The report advises these brands to focus on presenting the product’s alcohol by volume (ABV) without emphasizing the non-alc aspect. This strategy is seen as more effective for standalone brands, as opposed to larger companies known for alcoholic drinks, who can leverage the equity in their master brand. Additionally, it calls for language that emphasizes quality, heritage, and craft for premium non-alc drinks.

Source: Just Drinks


How to produce “excellent” no and low alcohol beers

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) has launched a course aimed at enhancing the production of no and low alcohol beers. This technical course, a first of its kind, has been developed in collaboration with leading brewers, brewing consultants, yeast suppliers, and manufacturers of dealcoholization equipment. It targets brewers working in breweries of all sizes, focusing on producing excellent no and low alcohol products safely, cost-effectively, and in compliance with regulations.

The course covers a range of topics crucial for no and low alcohol beer production, including overcoming microbiological contamination, understanding legal classifications, nutritional information, different mashing profiles and yeast types, controlling main flavor compounds, and various dealcoholization methods.

Source: The Drinks Business


Spirited Brands Holdings closes $4.5 million seed round

Spirited Brands Holdings, an emerging player in the low alcohol market, has successfully closed a seed funding round of $4.5 million. This financial milestone comes as the company prepares to launch two distinct low-alcohol beverage brands early next year, signaling a strong market interest in this category.

The company’s first brand, Soké, offers an Asian-inspired soda that blends Junmai sake with flavors like white peach, lychee, cherry blossom, and yuzu ginger. The second brand, Soula, is a Mexican-inspired margarita line featuring Mexican agave azul wine with flavors including mango citrus, lime, paloma, and pineapple chili.

With the new funding, Spirited Brands aims to focus on sales and marketing efforts, driving growth in major markets across the country and tapping into the rising interest for low alcohol and lower calorie products.

Source: Food Business News


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