Victoria Watters

Research: Why do Americans drink?

The statistics on why Americans drink alcohol reveal a complex interplay of social, sensory, and psychological factors. The most prominent reason, cited by 56% of

Victoria Watters

Industry Landscape: Week of Nov 20, 2023

Seedlip founder launches venture studio, bitters brand Ben Branson, the founder of Seedlip, has launched a venture studio called Pollen Projects. This initiative is described

Victoria Watters

Trend Compass: The Ozempic Effect

The rise of Ozempic, a medication primarily used for weight loss and diabetes management, is subtly reshaping drinking habits. Recent studies and reports indicate that

Victoria Watters

Calming Mocktails to Ease Hangxiety

Many of us are familiar with the uncomfortable aftermath of a night out: waking up to a state of “hangxiety,” where a hangover meets a