Liv Garber’s Non-Alc Picks

Liv Garber is the most senior staff member at Spirited Away, America’s first booze-free bottle shop. As a non-drinker, they’ve enjoyed exploring the non-alc space over the years. “It’s been a joy to be a part of the community,” says Liv, “and to help veteran non-alc enthusiasts continue their exploration while also introducing new audiences to the ever-expanding world of unique beverages.”

In addition to working at Spirited Away, Liv is also an illustrator and painter based in Brooklyn. When they’re not at the store, they’re working on freelance illustration commissions, running their risograph studio called Pen Pal Riso, and sending large batches of snail mail. After years of longing for fun mail in adulthood, Liv created a monthly mail-based subscription service called Pen Pal Club, where each month their subscribers receive a surprise in the mail containing unique risograph prints, stickers, original drawings, postcards, etc. Liv’s community has grown rapidly, and they enjoy putting lots of love into each letter. “I’ve found that routine surprise mail (that’s not a bill) is one of the best dopamine hits you can get,” they say.

If you’d like to become an Official Pen Pal, you can sign up here. If you’d like to view Liv’s illustration work, you can visit their site. If you’re wondering what they’re up to right now, feel free to visit their Instagram.


Liv’s current picks:

The Pathfinder: This is the best product for a unique, surprising, and crowd-pleasing cocktail. Adding a little lemon juice and a lemon wedge to The Pathfinder makes an amazing drink that truly everyone loves.

Wilderton Bittersweet Aperitivo: Another great product to make an easy but super delicious cocktail. All you really need is some seltzer and a garnish—Wilderton does the rest!

All the Bitter Orange Bitters: I think these little guys get overlooked. Having some non-alc bitters on hand is the best way to make any cocktail, wine, or even water taste better.

Unified Ferments Jasmine Green: My go-to dinnertime pairing! Super floral and well-rounded, it goes really nicely with most meals. 

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher: They did not lie in the name—the most refreshing drink Spirited Away carries!

Tilden Lacewing: One of the most unique drinks I’ve tasted. So fresh and verdant. It’s perfect for something gin-adjacent but still entirely its own thing.

Figlia Frizzante: Such a great canned drink. Best for taking on-the-go and enjoying outside.

Bax Botanics Smooth Sea Buckthorn and Tonic: A well-crafted floral and fun drink for rosemary and orange lovers.

Untitled Art Italian Pilsner: Perfect pick for a true Pilsner-head. It tastes so much like the real thing.

French Bloom Le Blanc: Super crisp and bright with notes of pear. Great to share for a celebratory moment.


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