Non-Alc Picks from Brianda Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of The New Bar

Brianda Gonzalez grew up on Catalina Island, an island off the coast of Los Angeles entirely driven by a hospitality economy. Big, family-filled celebrations and indulging in food and drinks as a way of bonding were the norm. When her father was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, Brianda desperately searched for a way to create that connection without alcohol. Through her journey to find 1:1 alcohol alternatives, Brianda became passionate about alcohol-free drinks and decided to build a retail platform to help people understand the category and how it can fit into their lifestyle—The New Bar. The New Bar has been growing steadily ever since its July 2022 opening, and it’s set to triple its retail presence this year with its new WeHo and San Francisco locations.


Here are Brianda’s current non-alc picks



Tilden Lacewing

I love Lacewing’s herbaceous and delicately aromatic profile. It’s my go-to for easy hosting or indulging after a long day. It tastes like something you’d order at a fancy sushi restaurant.







Ghia Spritz

I love bitter flavors and Ghia Spritz is so refreshing and satisfying. I bring it to most parties or gatherings I attend.







Almave Ambar + Blanco

While a lot of non-alc spirits are phenomenal when mixed in cocktails, it’s still a bit rare to find highly-sippable spirits. Almave Ambar is incredible over a large ice cube. It’s impressive in its ability to capture the traditional agave spirit aroma and flavor profile. Their newest release, Almave Blanco, has been my favorite this festival season in our Golden Hour Marg, which we’re serving at Coachella!






French Bloom La Cuvée


The French Bloom team was so innovative in the way they created this vintage sparkling. It tastes like a fine, vintage champagne and I’ve been consistently craving it since I first tried it. It’s perfect for special occasions and celebrations.






About Brianda: Brianda is Founder and CEO of The New Bar, an alcohol-free drinks destination focused on bringing non-alc anywhere fun is being had. Brianda has organically built her business and community thanks to her lean team’s nimbleness, strategic partnerships, and ongoing in-store and out-of-store programming.

About The New Bar: The New Bar is a non-alcoholic bottle shop and discovery platform that aims to make mindful drinking more accessible and approachable. The New Bar offers a carefully-curated selection of alcohol-free beverages for those interested in the benefits of non-alcoholic options. Navigating the alcohol-free beverage space is new for many, and at times confusing. The New Bar simplifies the search with its in-person retail shops and online marketplace, which provide products, tools, and information to help people find what works for their lifestyle. The New Bar currently operates two retail shops in Los Angeles (Venice and West Hollywood), and is opening a third location in San Francisco this May. They also ship nationwide via their online marketplace at


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