A Bourbon-Style Non-Alc Whiskey for Cocktails

Capturing the rich, oaky, and often caramel undertones of whiskey minus booze is an art. While it’s challenging to replicate the exact taste of alcoholic whiskey, some non-alcoholic whiskeys come close. Those that do leverage natural flavorings, spices, and even smoked elements to recreate the warmth and depth associated with this beloved spirit. Quick tip: mixing non-alcoholic whiskeys in cocktails with a bit of sugar can increase their complexity (sugar carries flavor). 

One of my personal favorites is Spiritless Kentucky 74, a Bourbon-style non-alcoholic whiskey known for its rich flavor profile. Whereas most whiskey alternatives combine the flavors of different types of alcoholic whiskeys, this is one of the very few Bourbon-specific whiskey alternatives (besides Cut Above Zero Proof Whiskey). Spiritless Kentucky 74 has clear Bourbon notes of oak, smoke, vanilla, and caramel. Plus, there’s a little pepper that adds a bit of pleasant heat.

You don’t have to be a mixologist to enjoy it, either. Take their simple Old Fashioned recipe, for example. Just a few ingredients and you’re good to go: 


Spiritless Old Fashioned


•2 ¼ oz. Spiritless Kentucky 74

•¼ oz. simple syrup

•3 dashes All The Bitter Aromatic Bitters

•Orange peel


Combine in double rocks glass and add ice. Stir until chilled.



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