Herbalist Rachelle Robinett’s Non-Alc Picks

Rachelle Robinett, RH (AHG) is an Herbalist, writer, educator, thought leader, and life-long naturalist. As the founder and CEO of HRBLS and Pharmakon Supernatural®—a multidisciplinary ecosystem dedicated to the art of functional nature—she embodies the vibrant, modern, multi-hyphenate well being that she teaches.

Rachelle is widely regarded as a vanguard in natural health, collaborating with industry-leading partners to help shape the future of herbal wellness and related industries. She is dedicated to exploring the human experience and translating her insights to further the cause of empowered, self-aware, and natural health. Her first book is forthcoming from Penguin Life in Summer 2025.

She quit drinking alcohol in 2015, replacing it with original herbal cocktails, and has been deeply embedded in the non-alc space since—teaching on the topic, developing recipes and menus for partners, consulting, advising, and testing just about every new offering on the market.


Here are Rachelle’s current non-alc picks


Curious Elixirs No. 5

This wooed me at first sip. The sweet smokiness is absolutely incredible, and the ingredients are about as good as they get. I love all of Curious’s cocktails and, of course, appreciate their informed use of herbs for flavor and effect. Gentian forever and, like, where else can you find Shatavari* in a cocktail? Amazing.

*Shatavari is considered broadly beneficial for women’s health, including fertility, libido, and hormone balance.



For Bitter For Worse Smoky No. 56

Sticking with the smoky theme—and creations by those with a real understanding of the power of botanicals—For Bitter For Worse is doing brilliant things. In addition to being a pleasure to drink with practically perfect ingredients, we get the digestive benefits of gentian, dandelion root, and bitter orange peel.




Ghia Ginger

Ghia was an early leader in this space and continues to deliver. Of their collection, I adore the Ginger Spritz most. Especially on a hot day, this perfectly balanced bitter-juicy-crisp bubbly is one I crave.




Aplos Calme

From another pioneer, Aplos’s Calme may be the non-alc spirit I go through most quickly. My attachment style with sugar is avoidant, so I appreciate that theirs contains none. And, I’m usually imbibing to get down, rather than up, so this calming concentrate is often exactly what I need. I like it over ice, in sparkling water, with the occasional kava floater.




All The Bitter and DRAM

Beyond cocktailing, bitters are something basically all of us could benefit from more of. Before the non-alc spirit market was a real thing—and still always in a pinch—bitters and sparkling water are my go-to cocktail. DRAM is doing beautiful work (their palo santo bitters!) and All The Bitter are staples—both clearly know their way around herbs.



Pentire Coastal Spritz

Pentire has long been on my shelf. While I found some of the earlier formulations a bit light, this Spritz, and their Tonics, are truly delicious. I love an aperitif, want a bit of bite, and prefer a sipping spirit; this is exactly that.




Parch Prickly Paloma

My best friend served these on my birthday last summer and it was the perfect sunny-day-drinking alternative vibe. Again, excellent ingredients followed by flavor and all the things!




For more from Rachelle, check out HRBLS and Pharmakon Supernatural®


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