Frequently Asked Questions

Dry Atlas is a media company focused on alcohol alternatives, created by the duo who opened America’s first booze-free bottle shop. We deliver non-alc insights, news, and recs to over five million people annually. Our mission is to demystify the non-alc space for drinkers worldwide.

To purchase any product on Dry Atlas, navigate to its corresponding product page using the search function (magnifying glass icon in header bar).

For example, a search for “Curious Elixirs” yields a list of all Curious Elixirs cocktails.

Select any product icon to navigate to the corresponding product page, e.g. Curious Elixirs No. 1, on which you’ll find three tabs: Description, Details and Reviews.

On the Details tab, select any one of the View Here buttons. Every product on Dry Atlas is available for purchase directly from its manufacturer via’s each brand’s website.

In addition, many products are also available from a variety of select e-commerce partners that focus on adult non-alc beverages.

For example, Curious Elixirs No. 1 is available for purchase directly from Curious Elixirs and from The Zero Proof, an online non-alc shop in the US.

Dry Atlas uses the American standards for the terms “non-alcoholic” and “alcohol-free.”

Non-alcoholic drinks contain less than 0.5% alcohol by volume.

Alcohol-free drinks contain less than 0.05% alcohol by volume.

Every drink on Dry Atlas is non-alcoholic but not every drink is alcohol-free.

Those terms can and do have different meanings in different countries. Always consult product labels before consuming anything to ensure it meets your unique needs.

At the risk of oversimplifying, non-alcoholic products typically take one of two approaches to manufacturing:

  1. Start with an alcoholic liquid (like wine or beer) and remove most or all of the alcohol (de-alcoholization)
  2. Start with a non-alcoholic base liquid (like water or verjus) and layer on top of it teas, spices, botanicals, vinegars, bitters, etc. (often called “proxies” or “alternatives“)


Try both to discover which you prefer. Here are a few suggestions.

There are many more fine non-alcoholic beverages on the market than we plan to index on Dry Atlas.

Within the giant universe of non-alcoholic beverages, we are focused specifically on adult non-alcoholic beverages consumed socially, typically in the evening.

We have excluded mixers. This was a hard decision because many excellent mixers like Avec are supportive of the non-alc movement and pair very well with non-alc spirits. That said, for the time being, mixers are out of scope for Dry Atlas.

We have excluded sodas even though there are now truly excellent, elevated sodas available from brands like Casamara Club, Corsa, and others. Other aggregators are covering that part of the NA market.

We have excluded health tonics and wellness drinks. Non-alcoholic drinks are inherently much more healthful than alcoholic drinks because they don’t contain, well, ethanol. It can sometimes be a fine line, but we intend to index brands that cater to the social occasion more than the health priority.

We have excluded sparkling waters and other “daytime” drinks like LaCroix and GuS sodas.

We have excluded limited editions and short runs, as well as those products that are only available in local markets at small scale. To be included, products should be available throughout the US if not far beyond.