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Sobour - Whiskey Alternative

Sobour - Whiskey Alternative

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An alcohol=free alternative to American Bourbon.

Fragrant Madagascan vanilla blends with woody American oak, toasted nuts and dry spice to produce well-rounded Bourbon-esque taste that is sugar, gluten free and vegan.

This is a non alcoholic spirit that is a superb alternative to an American Bourbon, but 100% alcohol free.

Light smokey notes with hints of caramel cream and maple provide naturally light sweet finish.

Additional Details
Format: 700 ml bottle
Ingredients: Spring water, glycerine, botanical extracts and distillates, acidity regulator, citric acid, acetic acid, caramel flavoring, sea salt, pottasium sorbate
ABV: <0.05%
Sugar Per Serving: 0 g
Serving: 25 ml
Basic Serve: On the rocks or mix into an alcohol-free cocktail
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