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Sir James 101 - Mojito

Sir James 101 - Mojito

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This is the all-time favourite mocktail! Since the launch of this drink the responses are equal to gold medal awards. It is a stand-out in the range because it’s the only drink in a green bottle. The best alcohol free Mojito experience starts here!

Natural flavours and extracts of spearmint and lime were used to make the basis of this Mojito. But Sir. James 101 went further than this making it a refined drink. Flavours of the brown sugar which is usually added are clearly recognisable in this drink and the taste is full bodied to equal the rum flavour which is used for Mojito’s with alcohol. The recipe of the Mojito has been created combining many small elements to make it the best alcohol free Mojito you’ve ever tasted.

The mint aroma is very distinctive and recognisable with the fresh and tingling taste of mint, lime and herbs with a long and balanced finish. This Mojito can be served in many ways.

Additional Details
Format: six 250 ml bottles
ABV: <0.05%
Suggested Retail Price: 11.94 GBP for six 250 ml bottles