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Mash Gang - Stoop

Mash Gang - Stoop

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Kicking it old school, heavily influenced by the 80s dad beers. Taking a traditional mass produced beer and injecting a bit of love and attention. Lightly hopped and aged on oak for a refreshing dry finish.

Stoop is Mash Gang's crisp and refreshing American Pilsner, imagine a macro lager with a glow-up. Bright white head with soft lacing, mid high mousse like carbonation, aroma of champagne and elderflower with hints of kush.

A slab of crushable crispy bois.

Additional Details
Format: Four 440 ml cans
Ingredients: Water, barely, oats, wheat, maltodextrin, hops, yeast, chilli, szechuan pepper, potassium sorbate, sodium metabisulphite
ABV: <0.5%
Serving: 110 ml
Suggested Retail Price: 15.99 USD for four 440 ml cans