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Iessi - L'Aperitivo

Iessi - L'Aperitivo

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Their signature alcohol-free apéritif. All the bitter, savory depth of Italian amaro with sweet notes of citrus and a transporting kick. Made with natural botanical extracts and infusions. Sip slowly, share freely.

This non-alcoholic drink is made from natural infusions and botanical extracts at a family-run distillery in Trieste. Its pleasant bitterness derives from an aromatic blend of cinchona bark, gentian root, bitter orange and rhubarb. Bright notes of citrus, ginger and cherry pair with a peppery heat that builds subtly with each sip.

Additional Details
Format: 700 ml bottle
Ingredients: Filtered water, sugar, glucose syrup, cherry juice, ginger juice, gentian root natural extract, rhubarb natural extract, cinchona natural extract, bitter orange natural extract, natural pimiento flavor, natural ginger flavor, natural sweet orange flavor, citric acid, salt, preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate
ABV: <0.5%
Basic Serve: Over ice, garnished with a slice of orange
Recommended Pairings: Olives, chips, and other savory snacks
Suggested Retail Price: 25.99 EUR for 700 ml bottle