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Gnista - Barreled Oak

Gnista - Barreled Oak

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Dry and smokey, with tones of warm spices, chocolate rye and a distinct character of oak barrel.

Just like any smokey spirit. Brilliant on the rocks, mixed with soda or as a base for no/low cocktails.

Additional Details
Format: 500 ml bottle
Ingredients: Water, rhubarb juice, beet syrup, dried spices & fruit (raisins, oak, rye malt, ginger, black pepper), extracts made from vodka (almond, cinnamon, rosemary & habanero), wort, sea salt, preserved by sodium sorbate and sodium benzoate, distillates from botanicals (rosemary, clove and cinnamon)
ABV: <0.35%
Basic Serve: On the rocks, mixed with soda or as a base for cocktails
Buy from The Zero Proof: https://thezeroproof.pxf.io/9g9DVe
Suggested Retail Price: 20.99 EUR for 500 ml bottle