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Dhos - Bittersweet

Dhos - Bittersweet

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The Dhōs Bittersweet reflects the traditional flavors of bitter rhubarb, brulée of oranges, cinchona, gentian root, and bitter herbs. Exotic and floral with layers of spice and fruits of baked oranges, watermelon, dried strawberries, kumquat, and ripe yellow cherries that all fill the glass with wild complexity.

The spice notes are a combination of fresh vanilla bean, bitter roots, dried and fresh green herbs, and crushed field flowers. The texture is smooth and silky with a balanced richness that leads to the spiced finish featuring flavors of rhubarb, cinchona, vanilla, herb, and burnt citrus oil.

Additional Details
Compare To: Campari, Aperol
Format: 750 ml botlte
Ingredients: Water, monk fruit sweetener, capsicum extract, cinchona extract, citric acid, gentian extract, menthol, natural orange extract, orange flavor, organic orange extract, white grapefruit oil extract, polysorbate, quinine, red coloring, rhubarb extract, sodium benzoate, sorbic acid, vanillin, xanthan gum, yellow coloring
ABV: <0.5%
Basic Serve: Just mix with soda water, pour over crushed ice & enjoy
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Suggested Retail Price: 24.99 USD for 750 ml botlte