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Cantrip - Blackberry Lavender Seltzer

Cantrip - Blackberry Lavender Seltzer

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Sip on the essence of sun-kissed blackberries and real lavender in this THC seltzer. It's like a garden party in a can, floral, juicy, and slightly sassy. Perfect for a chill evening or a delightful mid-afternoon snack.

Cantrip THC-infused seltzers contain no artificial sweeteners and only 10 calories. Please consume responsibly.

Additional Details
Format: six 355 ml bottles
Ingredients: Carbonated water, cane sugar, lavender, natural blackberry flavor, citric acid, natural mushroom extract (preservative), hemp extract, and terpenes
Functional Ingredients: Cannabis (THC)
ABV: <0.5%
Sugar Per Serving: 2 g
Serving: 355 ml
Suggested Retail Price: 24.99 USD for six 355 ml cans