It’s Time for Sessionable Cocktails


Socializing over drinks will always be in style, but let’s face it: feeling groggy the next day is decidedly not. Plus, for the health-conscious, the calories in booze can really add up. Enter “sessionable cocktails,” a way to enjoy the night without the next-day regrets. Let’s dive into what these are, plus how you can enjoy sessionable spritzes and even G&Ts and Negronis at home.


Meet your new best friend: sessionable cocktails

What exactly are “sessionable” cocktails? The term “sessionable” is typically associated with beer (meaning that it’s light and easy to drink), but it’s time we start thinking about our cocktails this way.

Simply put, they’re cocktails designed with lower alcohol content, tailored for extended enjoyment without the fear of overindulgence. Whether you’re kicking off the evening or winding down, these cocktails ensure the festivities can go on longer, keeping you in high spirits without the low points the morning after. From pre-game or nightcap, session cocktails can stretch your night and keep you feeling elated. Plus, lower alcohol means lower calories—another win for those balancing indulgence and moderation.


Mixing your own sessionable cocktails

Embracing sessionable cocktails doesn’t require a mixology degree. Start by exploring lower alcohol versions of classic cocktails. The key is to focus on flavor and balance, using quality alcohol alternatives to elevate the drink without relying heavily on alcohol.

antidote, for example, is designed to capture the classic cocktail experience sans alcohol and with lower calories. You can use it to make your own session cocktails, or even go fully zero proof. Here are some simple cocktail suggestions from their founder, Jin, including comparisons their fully alcoholic counterparts: 


Regular “Session” version with antidote Zero proof version with antidote
Negroni 1 oz campari (80 cal)

1 oz gin (74 cal)

1 oz vermouth (45 cal)

Total: 199 cal


2 oz antidote BITTER RED (30 cal)

1 oz gin (74 cal)

Total: 104 cal


3 oz antidote BITTER RED (45 cal)

Total: 45 cal

Spritz 2 oz aperol (137 cal)

3 oz prosecco (60 cal)

1 oz soda

Total: 197 cal

2 oz antidote BITTER RED (30 cal)

3 oz prosecco (60 cal)

1 oz soda

Total: 90 cal

3 oz antidote BITTER RED (45 cal)

3 oz soda

Total: 45 cal

Gin & Tonic 2 oz gin (149 cal)

4 oz tonic (40 cal)

Total: 180 cal

0.5 oz gin (37 cal)

6 oz antidote JIN & TONIC (54 cal)

Total: 91 cal

6 oz antidote JIN & TONIC (54 cal)

Total: 54 cal


Cheers to smarter sipping

In the world of alcohol alternatives, the perfect cocktail experience often involves a delicate balance between flavor, fun, and wellness. Sessionable cocktails cater to those seeking to moderate their intake, all while keeping the party going. These lower alcohol (and lower calorie!) cocktails are a smart and enjoyable substitute to their more potent counterparts.

So, the next time you’re pre-gaming or searching for that perfect nightcap, remember that session cocktails are here to stretch your night and keep the vibe alive, minus the overindulgence. They promise the same satisfaction and complexity as traditional cocktails but come with a lighter touch. Cheers!


antidote is a premium non-alcoholic cocktail and mixer. Handmade in Piedmont, Italy with obsession and pride.

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