Non-Alc Picks from Mocktail MO, Alcohol-Free Culture Advocate

Non-Alc Picks from Mocktail MO, Alcohol-Free Culture Advocate

Mocktail MO has been an alcohol-free culture advocate since 2019, when she developed an alcohol intolerance that shut down all possibility of drinking booze ever again. Coincidentally, this was exactly when the alcohol-free movement began gaining traction. So, as she said goodbye to alcohol, a passion for discovering non-alc drinks worth savoring began.

Since then, MO has made it her mission to bust down the wall that divides conventional hospitality and those who abstain from alcohol for any reason. She firmly believes there’s room at the table for all who enjoy a quality adult beverage, no matter the ABV.  

For those at the table seeking non-alc options, she curated these eight picks.




French Bloom Le Rosé

This is what I keep on hand for celebrations. Light and crisp with delicate bubbles, it looks amazing and tastes spectacular.








Gruvi Spanish Sangria

Enjoy it over ice, with or without fruit, for those patio afternoons in the summer. Its slight effervescence reminds me of the Lambrusco I used to enjoy back in the day.








Yours California Red Blend

Just what the doctor ordered for a cozy, uncomplicated red that keeps me reaching for more.










Edna’s Paloma

Delicious simplicity! There is no tinkering needed. The flavors are complete and come together nicely for an easy non-alc cocktail. Pour over ice and enjoy.








Curious Elixirs No. 4

A full-bodied drink for those who like a bit of bitterness. Supremely sippable.










Ritual Tequila Alternative + Free Spirits Spirit of Tequila

The standards by which all others are measured in my opinion. You can’t go wrong with either one of these for any cocktail that calls for tequila.








CleanCo Clean R

This is a nicely-spiced rum alternative for mixed drinks like daiquiris or tiki cocktails. Not overpowering, yet doesn’t get lost in the mix.








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