Hot New Additions to the Atlas

I’ll be brief this week but there are some hot new additions to the post-alc universe you need to be aware of.

New on Dry Atlas

  • Van Sha aromatic spice spirit, inspired by the flavors of India
  • Hai Tea sparkling tea cocktails
  • Giddy hemp-derived cocktails with THC
  • Impossibrew adaptogenic beers, which were on the UK version of Shark’s Tank, Dragon’s Den
  • Magic Kick spirits for partying, sex and sleep from Bravo’s Fredrik Eklund
  • New ready-to-drink cocktails from Pentire including a margarita and two G&T alternatives
  • New Brew euphoric seltzers
  • Havabier non-alc and gluten-free brews

What new brands and products are we still missing? Send them to us on Instagram!

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