Five Drinks to Midnight, a Global Booze-Free Expedition and What’s New

Shape a Global Non-Alc Expedition

As we prepare to embark on a global expedition, you can play a vital role in charting its course. Our Dry Atlas team is setting off on a year-long worldwide journey to uncover drinking cultures across Europe, Asia and the Americas—focusing on your favorite booze-free beverages and brands.

We’re starting our adventure in Crete, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Berlin. We need your expertise! What local drinks should we try? Which restaurants, bars and breweries are a must-visit? Who’s making waves in the alcohol alternative space in and around these cities? If you’ve explored these destinations and can help guide us on this journey, please reply to this email.

Get ready to be part of this exciting experience. Follow our expedition on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter and let’s uncover the world’s best non-alcoholic beverages together.

Five Drinks to Midnight

I recently had the opportunity to sip Ghia’s new aperitif, Tektonics, Nkd Ldy, Feragaia and All The Bitter with Mr. Whiskey Wednesdays himself, Tim McKee. Tim’s program usually focuses on alcoholic whiskeys, so it was fun to chat with him about our exciting new world of non-alc drinks.

Check out the full video on YouTube.

New on Dry Atlas

What new brands and products are we still missing? Send them to us on Instagram!

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