Four Wine Proxies for Your Next Dinner Party

There are over 350 non-alc wines in our directory, which we recently covered in a category guide. Now, we’re drilling deeper into one subset of the category: wine proxies. First: what sets proxies apart? While dealcoholized wines start as traditional wines, proxies aren’t derived from fermented grapes. Instead, they’re crafted blends of various ingredients that rhyme with the overall experience of wine.

Given the limitations of current technology, dealcoholized wines can sometimes fall short of replicating the full-bodied taste of their alcoholic counterparts, as we’ve previously discussed. Wine proxies, however, sidestep this issue by not trying to mimic wine directly. They boast far more unique flavor profiles.

Now, if you’re interested to explore wine proxies, here are four recommendations to start with:


Acid League Proxies

Acid League blends ingredients like teas, fruits, spices, and herbs to replicate the depth and complexity you’d expect from traditional wine. Their proxies challenge the palate with layered flavors, offering a sophisticated alternative for dining occasions. My personal favorite is their Nightshade. Explore their range here.


NON Wines

Inspired to bottle the essence of fine dining tasting menus, Aaron Trotman, the innovator behind NON, set out to craft unique flavor profiles using premium, globally sourced ingredients. As Aaron mentioned in our founder Q+A, NON is about flavor built from the ground up with key notes of fruit, tannin, salinity, and acidity. Check out their Toasted Cinnamon and Yuzu variant. Explore their range here.



The Muri team doesn’t seek to create wine proxies or even remotely familiar beverages. That said, I’m including them here as fantastic blends that achieve a similar effect for the dinner party drinking occasion. 

Emerging from Denmark’s dynamic gastronomy scene, Muri stands as a testament to the country’s relentless food and beverage innovation. Drawing inspiration from diverse fermentation techniques and unique ingredients, Muri offers a range of fermented blends that challenges traditional perceptions of non-alcoholic drinks. Check out our Q+A with their founder for more on their origins. My personal favorites are their Passing Clouds and Yamile (you’ll love it if you like smoky bevs). Explore their range here

Wine proxies represent an intriguing and innovative segment within non-alc wine, offering experiences that go beyond mere imitation. As you explore the non-alc world, don’t overlook more novel beverages like these that stand out for their unique flavors. They just might be the future of the non-alc space!


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