Rate & discover drinks on the world’s most comprehensive non-alcoholic beverage list.

Rate and discover drinks on the world’s most comprehensive non-alcoholic beverage list

Before building Dry Atlas, I couldn’t find a place for non-alcoholic beer reviews that I could trust. Search the web for a list of non-alcoholic beers or the best non-alcoholic beer and the top search results probably won’t answer your question very well. I wanted to know not only the highest rated non-alcoholic beer but also what different NA beers taste like, where to buy non-alcoholic beer online, etc.

Of course, I heard anecdotes from my customers at Spirited Away about what they liked and didn’t like, but those “reviews” weren’t being recorded or shared for the benefit of other dry drinkers. Up until now, this space has largely depended upon word of mouth recommendations, chance encounters and social media. We think now is the time for a dependable, accessible and comprehensive platform to empower you as you explore your non-alcoholic options.

Have you ever bought something on Amazon based on its great reviews? I recently had this exact experience when I ordered a bluetooth speaker. When the package arrived, it included a small card offering me a $30 gift card in exchange for a 5-star review. My suspicions about the validity of all those 5-star reviews that had influenced my purchase were confirmed when the speaker looked cheap, sounded tinny and stopped working within weeks.

Online marketplaces like Amazon simply aren’t incentivized to prioritize curation. They would rather prioritize providing a free and open marketplace and say “caveat emptor, y’all!” And maybe that’s just fine. My mistake with the speaker was trusting Amazon’s reviews in the first place. I should’ve found a trusted, independent reviews platform and selected a speaker there. Dry Atlas is my attempt to build that independent reviews platform for NA.

If you’ve tried Heineken 0.0, for example, leave it a review! If you haven’t yet tried it, read what others have said about it. We hope Dry Atlas will empower you to become a more informed and better educated consumer, regardless of where you buy your alcohol-free drinks. And we hope you will help others by leaving non-alcoholic drink reviews and making your voice heard.

You’re one of the first explorers to navigate these (sometimes murky) waters using Dry Atlas. If you’ve tried a product that hasn’t yet been reviewed, I’d really appreciate it if you would leave the first review. Hint: there may be special benefits and surprises in store for our early explorers. This is your Dry Atlas – a space given life by you and your fellow non-alcoholic beverage aficionados sharing what you like, love, and never want to drink again.

Thanks for reading and for being here. Together we will grow and shape a database that can guide and help others making their way on this – sober curious, no & low, conscious consumption or whatever else you might call it – journey.

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