The Reviews Are In

Dry Atlas has only been online for a few short months but already hundreds of your ratings and reviews are piling in. Each and every one of them helps other mindful drinkers to make informed decisions as we update and upgrade our bar carts. Here are just a few assorted highlights of what we are hearing from you so far:

Highly Rated Non-Alc Wines

Studio Null – No. 3 Prickly Red

“I still drink alcohol at times, so I often don’t go for N/A wines–choosing to drink boozy wine when I do. But Null is so good! Genuinely the only N/A wine that I’ve tried that got me excited”

Jukes – No. 8 Rose

“Great for BYOB! I love how portable and customizable the Jukes experience is. Bottles are small enough to put in my bag for a gathering or dinner party. I love that they can be mixed with still or sparkling water.”

French Bloom – Le Blanc

“Surprising! Blown away by the nose and the clean finish. A great balance between mineral and acidity. Liked it a lot.”

Highly Rated Non-Alc Cocktails

Hella Bitters & Soda – Dry Aromatic

“I love all five varieties of these but the original is the best. Five stars.”

St. Agrestis – Phony Negroni

“My favorite negroni dupe! This tastes almost exactly like an alcoholic Negroni and I love that it’s ready to drink. It’s my go-to for cocktail hour when entertaining.”

For Bitter For Worse – Eva’s Spritz

“Contender. If you were welcomed into the NA sprtiz space by Ghia, take a night off and try this one. Once the brand moved from large bottles to small cans the product significantly improved. Pour it over ice to make it last longer and it can be kinda pricey per can.”

Highly Rated Non-Alc Spirits

Ritual Zero Proof – Tequila Alternative

“Ingredients for Palomas (top shelf tequila, Ritual tequila alternative, Topo Chico sparkling water, Fever Tree and Betty Buzz grapefruit tonic, fresh limes and small amount of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice) were taken to a gathering with friends for a blind taste test. All were able to differentiate between the two cocktails and all agreed they would not be able to tell the difference if they had not been told one was non alcoholic. One was not favored over the other. Ritual tequila for a win. I can’t wait for margarita season!”

Monday – Zero Alcohol Gin

“Monday Gin is truly the best alternative to regular alcoholic Gin. Botanicals notes, fresh flavor and perfect to mix with all your favorite mixers.”

Spiritless – Kentucky 74

“Spiritless makes the best NA whiskey/bourbon alternative on the market! I will always have Kentucky 74 on my bar cart. Thank you ladies for the amazing option!”

Highly Rated Non-Alc Beers

Athletic Brewing – Cerveza Atletica

“This summer lager can be enjoyed year round and is my #1 all-time favorite from Athletic Brewing, and that says a lot. Sometimes I pour this bad boy in a pint glass and add a squeeze of fresh lime, sometimes I drink right out of the can. Either way, it’s light and refreshing.”

Untitled Art – S’mores Dark Brew


Brooklyn Brewery – Special Effects Hoppy Amber

Brooklyn’s Hoppy Amber is a stand out. I moved to these from Clausthauler’s Amber after seeing them on the shelves (fridge) at a local whole foods.

Highly Rated Non-Alc Amaros

Wilfred’s – Bittersweet Orange & Rosemary Aperitif

“A unique aperitif that falls somewhere between Aperol & Campari. Complex and balanced flavors, just the right amount of sweetness. They’ve made it incredibly easy to make a top notch spritz, just add a quality tonic. I quite often drinks this on the rocks and it gives me a negroni style experience.”

Ghia – Mediterranean Aperitif

“Ghia is one of the OG NA beverages and continues to be a category leader for a reason. This aperitif has a sophisticated, unique flavor and I love the lemon balm notes. SO good spritzed!”

Abstinence – Blood Orange Aperitif

“Bitter citrus amaro that’s great on it’s own or with one of Abstinence’s distilled botanical spirits. Fun to play around with different combinations. Love the unique ZA botanicals that you don’t really taste very often in the US.”

Thank you for your ratings and reviews and keep them coming. 

Especially if you see a product you’ve tried that hasn’t yet been reviewed, I’d really appreciate you leaving the first review!

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