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High Spirits 5/24/23: Why It’s So Hard to Find a Good Non-Alc Red Wine

Dear Explorers, If you drank non-alc beers and wines ten or twenty years ago, you’re probably thrilled about how much the category has evolved and improved since then. A decade or two ago, most non-alc beer drinkers had to choose between O’Doul’s and, well, O’Doul’s. Now they have the problem of too many options! Today, […]

High Spirits 4/4/23: Hot New Additions

Dear non-alc explorers, Welcome to your weekly shot of High Spirits! I’ll be brief this week but there are some hot new additions to the post-alc universe you need to be aware of. New on Dry Atlas What new brands and products are we still missing? Send them to us on Instagram! In high spirits, […]

High Spirits 3/22/23: The Reviews Are In

Dear non-alc explorers, Welcome to your weekly shot of High Spirits! Dry Atlas has only been online for a few short months but already hundreds of your ratings and reviews are piling in. Each and every one of them helps other mindful drinkers to make informed decisions as we update and upgrade our bar carts. […]

New Year, New Brew: 8 Non-Alcoholic Beers That Raise The Bar

When I created Spirited Away, America’s first booze-free bottle shop, I wanted to build a space where people can come to browse, explore and connect over all the great non-alcoholic (NA) options. There’s so much excitement and innovation with these drinks, and their popularity is growing fast. Personally, my most frequent drink of choice is a […]