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High Spirits 6/1/23: Is alcohol losing its cool?

Dear Explorers, Take a look at iconic imagery of the 20th century and you’ll notice that alcohol often took center stage. People have long viewed booze as a symbol of celebration and sophistication, fueling a culture with alcohol at the forefront of socialization. It seemed like no occasion was complete without a drink in hand. […]

High Spirits 5/24/23: Why It’s So Hard to Find a Good Non-Alc Red Wine

Dear Explorers, If you drank non-alc beers and wines ten or twenty years ago, you’re probably thrilled about how much the category has evolved and improved since then. A decade or two ago, most non-alc beer drinkers had to choose between O’Doul’s and, well, O’Doul’s. Now they have the problem of too many options! Today, […]

High Spirits 5/10/23: The Real Secret to Good Health (No Alcohol Required!)

Dear Explorers, I stumbled on something pretty mind-blowing recently and couldn’t wait to share it with you. Remember how people used to say that moderate drinking is good for your health? We tackled that topic in High Spirits, where we posited that the actual health benefits might have been coming from socializing rather than the […]

High Spirits 5/3/23: Hot Tub Dove Bars and Fettuccine Alfredo

Dear explorers, Welcome to your weekly shot of High Spirits! On Booze and Creativity History provides countless examples of famous drinkers in almost every field of endeavor, from politicians like Churchill to creatives like Hemingway and Hunter S. Thompson. How should we as mindful drinkers consider their legacies? This is not a rhetorical question. I […]

High Spirits 4/19/23: Getting caught in an upward spiral

Dear non-alc explorers, Welcome to your weekly shot of High Spirits! A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking with Star Donaldson as she was working on her personal essay for Byrdie’s Revival issue. Star’s entire piece is excellent and worth reading, but I wanted to Yes-And a few specific sections of it […]

High Spirits 4/12/23: Drink Less, Live More

Dear non-alc explorers, Welcome to your weekly shot of High Spirits! The evidence continues to accumulate. Yet another study showing alcohol is harmful has dropped and the Washington Post covers it well. The TLDR is Drinking moderate amounts of alcohol every day does not — as once thought — protect against death from heart disease, […]

High Spirits 4/4/23: Hot New Additions

Dear non-alc explorers, Welcome to your weekly shot of High Spirits! I’ll be brief this week but there are some hot new additions to the post-alc universe you need to be aware of. New on Dry Atlas What new brands and products are we still missing? Send them to us on Instagram! In high spirits, […]

High Spirits 3/29/23: The role of celebrity brands in non-alc

Dear non-alc explorers, Welcome to your weekly shot of High Spirits! This week’s issue poses more questions than answers. Celebrity driven booze brands are now so common they’re a familiar punchline. A few of them are pretty good and several have been huge financial successes, but are any of them really necessary? Are any of […]